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Please and Thanks

Please and thanks, explores manners in London. This street shot short won the 4docs 3MW competition, and was screened on channel 4 as a three minute wonder.

Director/ Ashton John 
Camera David Nwikpo 
Editor/ Lee Mckarkiel 
03:15 mins
Inspired by Shamsavari’s concept for the exhibition Love is Change, film makers Ashton John and David Nwikpo undertook a journey to create Love Is… a documentary shot on the streets of London that exposes intimate truths about how we view love today.

Director/ Ashton John 
Camera /  David Nwikpo 
Editor/ Lee Mckarkiel 
07:00 mins
Home explores some of the many personal meanings and expressions of home through conversations with residents of the diverse and densely populated East London Borough of Hackney. The film engages with a spectrum of people to look at the ways in which individuals relate to and identify with the place in which they live. Hackney is an area rich in its variety of cultures, languages and lifestyles and the film draws together a diverse collection of characters and conversations through the narrative of ‘home’. 

Love is...
John Alvaro Caldas
John Alvaro Caldas was born in Rusholme, Manchester in 1934. After a successful career as a West End dancer and later as a jazz musician with the John Caldas Quartet, he renewed his early interest in art, producing an impressive body of paintings and drawings over more than three decades. 

Director/ Ashton John 
Camera/  David Nwikpo  
Editor/ Lee Mckarkiel 
06:14 mins
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Filmmaker Ashton John's focus is social community and people. After leaving school, he attended Ravensbourne college, graduating in Broadcast and content creation.

Ashton currently works as an independent filmmaker. His work has been screened at the East End Film Festival and Channel 4.




25 JAN 2013

DJ Promo, 

1 MAR  2013

Layer by Layer Screening

Back to School @ NFTS

10  APR 2012
12 OCT 2012

Shortlisted Raindance 48 Challenge

01 JAN  2013

Happy New Year

Dj's are superstars in their own right, This is a first in a series of short docs on Dj's focusing on their backgrounds and their styes of music. House DJ Nick Fernandez talks about his DJ radio show, playing out in clubs, and how he begun his career as a House DJ. Look out for more this year.
Find out more about Nick Fernandez

Director/ Ashton John 
Camera /  Ashton John, Sam Liebmann 
Editor/ Ashton John 
03:14 mins
DJ Series: Nick Fernandez

How do you Feel, a simple question but is this always answered honestly?
Filmmaker Ashton John creates a street shot documentary finding out more about thoughts and feelings and what really is on our minds… Feel 

Director/ Ashton John 
Camera/  David Nwikpo  
Editor/ Ashton John
07:07 mins 
Layer by Layer 
Fashion Space Gallery London

Layer by Layer addresses the emerging field of 3D printing and its potential as a tool for design. By outlining some of the processes, stages of development and materials involved in the printing of objects, In this thought provoking short film. 

Director/ Ashton John 
Camera /  David Nwikpo 
Editor/ Will Casela 
05:07 mins
2013 ArtWarEntertainment/AJFilms
PROJECT: Me and My Phone    
Focusing on our relationship with mobile phones and the major role they play in our everyday lives. 

Street Short Documentary